Monday, September 28, 2009

New room, Viola!

So, Ive redone a wall of my room
that had been white and pasty
for way too long.

Listening to The Weathertunes,

(Forget the video in this link. Just close your eyes for this one),

cutting up pages from Nylon and Sunset Magazine,
and collaging with bright, shiny, silver tacks makes for a splendid afternoon.

A photo I took while up in The Angeles Crest Forest
A photo I took in Downtown.
One of the most confusing street signs around;
hopefully nobody thinks its real.

Snippet from a Nylon Magazine Editorial

That thumbnail of a man on the right is going to be my future husband.
Or at least somebody similar to him.
I stole this photo out of a magazine at the doctors office.

Never knew ripping paper could be so loud.

A piece I did. Charcoal on paper.
From Nylon

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