Sunday, September 27, 2009

James Ricalton...

I hold at high esteem.
He was an inventor, traveler, photographer and school teacher.
So so many of the same things I wish to be.

Having journeyed to the Amazon, Iceland and Russia,
Ricalton was "a war photographer during the Spanish-American War (1898-1899) in the Philippines, during the Boxer Rebellion (1900) in China, and the Russo-Japanese War(1904-1905) in Manchuria." (
Oh, now imagine. Taking pictures during war,
behind enemy lines,
in the depths of pestilence and death..
Capturing inhumane acts that are only known of now because
you took a snapshot.
How unbelievable and astonishing,
and riveting and interesting.

And if you'd rather disagree,
we can both say
his life was at the least, not boring!

He also published several photographic books about his travels, such as:
"The City of the Sacred Bo-Tree" and
"India through the Stereoscope: A Journey through Hindustan".

Tres Admirable...

He also came up with and used a technique called Stereoscopy;
which, by viewing two separate photos,
allowed the viewer to see one image as if it was 3-D.

...A man who had genius!

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