Saturday, December 26, 2009

I listened to the Bootsy Collins' record for the first time yesterday.
Album is named "Play with Bootsy"

Bootsy asked me to come play with him throughout it,
all I have to say from that is

BOOTSY BABY.. Im all yours

--Bootsey, I must admit, youve got the whole funk thing entirely down.--

I was also introduced to CHATROULETTE.COM.

the site randomly pairs you up to a random person anywhere on the earth and you video chat with them.

Then at any time, you can press


and be transferred to the next random.
I have made so many friends.
Have seen so many thing I didnt want to see.
Have watched to many parties go down in the European nation.

Also, as usual, I did some fashion research, thanks to Google and the Olsen icons.
Love the sunglasses.

Have a feeling.
Looking like a current day Dylan or Lenin will be the next big fabulous trend.

Heroine Chic has been back.

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