Sunday, July 26, 2009

Obsession Confessions

Savannah Miller:
"a real bohemian is someone who has the ability to appreciate beauty on a deep level,
is a profound romantic,
doesn't know any limits,
whose world is their own creation,
rather than living in a box".

Obsession Confession 1:
Edie Sedgwick, the muse of artist, Andy Warhol.

Moved to New York sometime in the mid 60's.
That was when she was picked up by the Mr.Warhol at some Studio 64 party.

Lucky girl got with the oh so so lovely Bob Dylan.

Introducing........ Miss Edie Sedgwick:

Wouldnt we all love to be admired for who we are?
But, we must love and adore and admire ourselves FIRST.

2nd obsession confession:
Uschi Obermaier:

an unpredictable women;

roaming the world in the 60's with a cause for peace and freedom:

hanging out with The Rolling Stones,

joining a group of free loving revolutionaries,

being the essence of the 60’s era: sex, drugs and rock and roll.

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  1. so stunning and beautiful my love, passion direct, you're a creationist advancing magic Ωom the inside out