Wednesday, February 11, 2015

talent in film vs music

The difference between talent in the film versus the music industry, is that in the film industry, the talent must be talented. I mean, you must be a very talented artist to perform well for films and take your close-up, where there is no way to mask behind a bad performance. However in the music industry, you dont have to be an artist at all the stand behind the monster giant of the major label or behind the tricks in the recording studio. You dont have to play an instrument or know how to write a song, or really even know how to sing. The label will do that for you.

You see, the major label works like a big fat machine. It's a machine that takes people in, and spits them out, millions of bucks later. The machine has different parts, it has ghost writers, it has producers, it has stylists, photographers, video producers, PR companies, marketing gurus and so on. There is no need anymore for a "musician" to actually make real art. Cause it's all so compressed and packaged and perfect.

In the film industry, actors of all ages are respected. You must have actors of all ages to make films work, to play these interesteing characters and tell these insteresting stories. We need old men, we need unattractive people, we need real people.

However, in the music industry, so much emphasis is placed on appearance, on the young and beautiful. I don't see artist like Joplin or Hendrix or Cobain in the limelight anymore: people who are really fucked up and having a rough time and expressing it openly. That's what art is about! But nobody seems to want that anymore. They just want to see tits and asses, and young pretty faces.

But I still believe in real music, music that you wont see anymore at the Grammys. I believe in music that is real an honest. I still believe in that.

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