Saturday, March 8, 2014

Poetry Request: Love Being Separated By Distance

Requested Poem Entitled, "Love Being Separated By Distance"

“Love Being Separated By Distance”

you wonder
if its you
or you with them
that catapulted this longing into existence
sometimes we
just seek to fill a space
distract ourselves from our own dissatisfaction
by longing for someone
who really is just an idol

we dont want them
we almost never do
because we truly love them
we want them because of how they make us feel
conditional verses unconditional love
fading now
into the waves of desperation
i will always be desperate for you
longing for your touch, your kiss
your voice, words of understanding
to want something that is so close
but so far away
agony in longing
you are my sea, my ocean
the sky above and all that fills it

to miss you
to be far apart
i would rather
fall face forward into that cold space
then to never have you fill it again

-Emily Clibourn

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