Monday, December 19, 2011

From KittKilla

As I was doing my reading the beginning of the Matrix I, there is a quote by the band the eagles they state that we live our lives in chains and we don’t even know that we have the key. I haven’t agreed more with the quote of a song in my life. It is absolutely true. While i was reading the communist manifesto it inspired me to continue my life goal. Marx states that “one cannot truly be human if they cannot survive and prosper from their own creativity.” But people sell their power of labor in order to Survive. The matrix is a metaphorical story in which Neo is freed and shows him what human life has become. People have enslaved themselves and their natural source of energy in order to power this massive machine. In other words people are the fuel of capitalism. If people want to take control of themselves, they should play the system, not listen to it.

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