Monday, March 15, 2010

Images I really like right now

This girl, Clemence Poesy, European actress, really makes me long for long hair.. Whats a girl like me supposed to do with a short, bad hair cut? Can there be anything worse?

This quote here
reminds me of the movie AMERICAN BEAUTY I just watched last week.
I watched it in my English 103 class, and my teacher explained the entire movie through the lens of a Jungian analysist!
Wow, sounds intimidating, but it was amazing!

We are finding it so appealing: The honesty of the free-spirit, the vulnerability and openness to life.
Love love this. Very 60's throwback. B&W striped leggings and top, yellow pumps, black hat below

She reminds me a lot of myself when Im in my best of moods.
You know, optomistic and all.. I often wonder if I should stick with the occasional saddness,
or try and change it. Is it possible to be happy ALL the time?
And lets say the answer is no, how do you still maintain amazing through the sadness?

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