Monday, August 17, 2009

Space 1636

Eight Miles High or Das Wilde Leben:

A true story about the 60’s European model and fashion icon Uschi Obermaier -
a beautiful, sensual, wild and unpredictable woman,
roaming the world for peace and freedom:
hanging out with The Rolling Stones,
joining a group of free loving revolutionaries,
being the essence of the 60’s era: sex, drugs and rock and roll.
I cant help but feel a deep desire to be that;
the embodiment of freedom and exploration.

I suppose we are all that in a way,
in as far as we are willing to explore the parts of ourselves or our world that are
unknown or seem a bit dangerous.
the inner realms;
the places that often seem a bit scary yet must be taken on full throttle.

Experiencing freedom in it’s most liberating sense
comes by a willingness to embrace one’s innate ability to
explore, experiment, create and imagine outside of one’s comfort zone.

If one were to simply believe, love, hate, and value
what one is told
and not judge it for their self, one enters into a world of rest
where their potential mind essentially lies dormant.

I choose to experience:
Probing the depths of my subconscious to hopefully become a better person.
Finding and losing, honing in on and discovering
myself in the most abysmal ways possible;
exploring the inner realms of emotion,
logic and personal ideals is what makes me and us all
the fascinating people we are....
And essentially human.

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