Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Mothers. Daughters. Seekers. Lovers. Friends. Sisters. Grandmothers.

The titles we carry are many. The duties, endless.

With a smile on my face, I meet challenges with grace. I cry when it comes, and I feel everything...deeply. I face myself and I learn to grow each day into the woman I am to become. I look back at life and give gratitude for the teachings and the lessons. Some harder than others. Some-way more fun. I smile, I laugh, I sing and dance. I celebrate this beautiful ever-changing body. I make my way through the world in service.

I ask for guidance, and I move on intuition. I celebrate my scars, knowing that I have moved through something...big or small...it's movement, and I AM WORTH Celebrating.

I love the perfection of who I am, blemishes and all...and when there is something to change, i simply change it, silently, or at times with help. I reach out in need, and I offer a hand when asked. My heart is open, and then it closes again. in a moment, or an instant, I know it opens back up again.

Emotional. Deep. Light. Playful.

There is an intelligence that moves through the sacred pulse of woman. A beat that dances through our beings. Celebrate the mystery that you are connected to beauty. Celebrate your joy, your laughter, your pain, your sorrow. You are not alone.

 Celebrate success, Celebrate children, celebrate the unity that connects us through creation.

The costumes we carry are many. The celebrations, endless.

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