Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Model Epidemic

So here I am, I've signed up for's daily newsletter. I am happy about this because I will get to see what's happening on the runway, patterns, trends, hairstyles. I find this to be a way to get really inspired. 

But I'll tell you what's happening. All I have been receiving in my inbox from Style, are emails about models. What they have been posting on Instagram, what they have been wearing, where they have been vacationing, and so on.

There is an epidemic. A model epidemic. A world wide obsession with models.

Let's look at this from a real analytical point of view. What have models done or proven as individuals to really make them all that interesting? Don't get me wrong, I love as much as the guy and gal next to me, to look at these lovely faces. I am human. I can't help it. But isn't it getting a bit repetitive?

I'd rather have Style send me stories on interesting people to follow instead, interesting stories, about people who have voices and something to say, people who are artists. The real artists, the designers, the photographers, the editors, writers... The ones who are behind the art that is fashion. That's what I want to see. 

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