Saturday, April 12, 2014

Most Honest Confession

How so much emotion could arise from a singular point
From a single idea
From a single person
I love all over you 

To want to consume another person so badly, it hurts and it burns
To want to be inside of them, a part of them
Oh to love you
A man so singular
I look upon you in wanting, and cry with love aching in me
Moved by the power and might in you
The potential for enlightenment, God
To once have had something so soft
Living inside another person, even if for just a single moment
And them inside of you
To let these qualities go with open hands
For the qualities of loneliness
You can’t stay in one state for an entire life
You must move around a bit

Perhaps the solution is to love every person, every time
And to love yourself
But to love a person romantically is a different matter entirely
To wrap your legs and your feet and your toes
Your arms and your hands, your fingers
Around that of another person
A person so entirely different from you – an entirely different species is male and female
To look another in the eyes closely
To let this go to be alone
Venture into the abyss of the inner-self

The great lovers have been romanticized for ages
But is it right to place so much on another
Rather shouldn’t one find that same completeness alone
Another person is never enough
We must meet with the divine

-Emily Clibourn

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