Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mechanical Principles (1930) by Ralph Steiner

This video makes me contemplate how quickly things have evolved - how we created automation in what seems to be now such an elementary form - with levers, gears, etc. and now we are using atomic particles to automate at such a higher level. I feel such melancholy for the past- how brilliant and complex it must have seemed to have been at the time - now we look back and see how truly simple it was. I wonder how different our lives will look in another 25 years, I will resort to the old - to the analog - to the tape player and to books and to record players. How I fear the future. How I hold such sentiment for the "simple" machines that one could fix with their own two hands. Microchips of the present and future are too complex and small and intangible. I'd rather sink my teeth into something physical and real. Our children will no nothing of these things, and they will be living in a world we would never imagine - I hope we dont forget the soul of the earth and the beauty in simplicity, in the moment, in the physical and real - instead of getting swept away in a wonderland of touch screens.

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