Friday, February 3, 2012


  1. – You might find that the best way to fight off the Mars Retrograde blues is to try a radically different mental approach. You don’t have to adopt this new way of thinking permanently, just try it out for the next week. Every time you get stuck in the same old worries or anxieties, ask yourself how someone else you respect might respond in this same situation. Tune in to a part of your psyche that just doesn’t give a damn, and see how it feels to sit in this part of your soul for a few minutes. I’m not suggesting you act out, but rather that you practice purposely shifting your perspective. A little humor can go a long way and getting to know the parts of your soul that don’t toe the party line of your ego will always increase your self-awareness.

    1. I've printed this & put it on my desk. Thanks Banter ;)