Friday, October 14, 2011

occupy wall street, los angeles & the world - october 15th

So, I wanted to share a little update with you - A little, "if you don't know, then you definitely should"! Now, I don't have a TV nor do I watch it ever at any place, so I'm not too sure what is or is not on the news. Let me know if you're hearing about this? I find it absolutely amazing!

People are "occupying" cities all around the world - standing up against the governments, oil companies, greedy politicians, etc... Take the Wall street occupancy & the one last week in Spain. Los Angeles has been occupied downtown all week & this is only spreading. On the 15th, almost 1000 cities around the world will be occupied & this number is only going to grow. Ive been wondering if this was ever going to happen - as I see how we as a people have been taken advantage of & have been so so complacent as consumers, only feeding the awful cycle. How happy I am to hear about this!

Find the city nearest to you & learn more -

A beautiful promo graphic for Occupy wall street:

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