Monday, February 8, 2010

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. You may Press Images to Enlarge, And I Suggest That You Do

Berlin held one of three shows this January, for Fashion Week 2010.

Here are pieces from

Love boyish trousers

Above is my absolute favorite.

I want to walk around the beaches of South East Asia in this piece.

Great patterns of Grey,
False texture

I adore oversize jacket pieces. I love the material here as well,
as big as it is, it doesn't look heavy.

Below: love the sharp shoulders, with the completely open neck line,
sheer, skin colored pant

Now here are some of my favorite peices in the collection by

Michael Sontag

Love the layers,
Grey, brown, creme

Lax yet professional

I absolutely adore these seemingly-gypsy pants,
with the pointed shoe and the long buttoned up sweater.

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