Friday, November 6, 2009

Desert inspirations

Im going camping in the Mojave desert this weekend.

I dont think Ive been more excited in my life.
The trip will consist of colorful outfits, and interesting fabrics;

flat land and cracked earth and a rosy fire and cold beer;
close friends and the most magical vegetable known to man,

drums and violins and dancing and cameras.
Stars...Dear stars,

which I havent seen for far too long.

Desert Boots by Yves Saint Laurent:

Edie Sedgwick:
inspires me to overcome my camera shyness.

I like to wear my scarfs as hoods,
but unfortunatly it feels only appropriate if Im camping
and theres nobody around.
Then, I look like a fancy type of druid.

Otherwise, I just look like a nun.

J'adore le candid.

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